Elderly woman recovered from Covid-19, dies on Christmas day

Husband passed away twelve days before

Photo by: Unsplash

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

An elderly woman, passed away on Christmas day a week after recovering from Covid-19. Her husband succumbed to Covid-19 just 12 days before her demise.

In less then two weeks the family lost both grandparents. 

Newsbook.com.mt spoke with one of the nieces. She explained that her grandmother recovered from coronavirus. However, the strain on her frail body was too much to endure. 

The family was shocked by the news that their grandmother died. They were still rejoicing her recovery just a week before.

“The effects on her were too much” commented the niece that lost her grandma on Christmas day.

The niece was planning to give her grandma a bracelet with the words “special grandma”, it was not to be.

She confessed that they did not know were her grandfather encountered the virus. He was an 88-year-old-man still strong and healthy. 

The Ministry for Health today announced another four individuals that died because of Covid-19. The number of victims in Malta to date is 210.

Covid-19: 84 new cases; 118 new recoveries
Covid-19: 84 new cases; 118 new recoveries