Eight applications get green light from ERA

The board of the Environment and Resources Authority has granted planning permission to eight applications including a quarry facility in Mqabba, a waste management facility in Marsa, fish farming activities and the planting of 243 indigenous trees at a Natura 200 site were amongst other applications.

In a statement on Friday the Environment and Resources Authority said that during a board sitting eight applications for an environmental permit had been approved.  

The first application included a request for an environment permit for the back-filling operations at a soft stone quarry in Mqabba. The permit addresses the waste management aspect of back-filling operations as well as various other aspects associated with site management and control.

Another application included a request for the renewal an environment permit to operate a waste management facility at Marsa for the temporary storage of specified non-hazardous and hazardous waste. The permit includes conditions related to site management and control, waste storage and processing, and site containment amongst others.

A request for the variation of an environment permit was also assessed for the manufacturing of plastic products and processing of plastic waste material and other related activities. This variation request is for the ceasing of End-of-Waste operations and related obligations.

A renewal of an environment permit was also submitted to manufacture detergents, bleach and blow moulding of plastic containers at a facility located at Bulebel Industrial Estate, Zejtun. The permits cover obligations related to the production detergents, chemical storage, production of plastic containers, associated waste management activities and by-product management.

Another application covered a request for renewal of an environmental permit issued to an aquaculture facility rearing closed-cycle species (Sea bream, Sea bass and Meagre) at three offshore sites within Mistra Bay, St. Paul’s Bay and Mellieħa. As part of the permit, the operator will be required to continue with the environmental monitoring which was already being carried out in previous years. The permit also includes specific conditions related to feeding practices and cage management.

Another application related to a variation of an environmental permit covering the operations of a service station in Qormi, which was granted on 18th May 2020. The variation addresses updated plans which were provided by the operator after the granting of the permit and which will aim to address differences related to tank capacities of the underground storage tanks and pipeline layouts. All other conditions within the current permit are still applicable.

Another two applications were submitted by one applicant where the first permit was for the renewal of an existing permit that relates to interventions within a Natura 2000 sites and on protected species. 243 indigenous trees of native stock shall be planted as a compensation to the interventions that have been permitted on site. The permit also allows for the removal of alien invasive species and their re-sprouting. Another decision was taken by the Board regarding the operational permit for the hotel itself. This environmental permit has conditions that address several aspects, including emissions from medium combustion plants on-site and regulation of discharges from certain processes on site.