EIB approves 470 million programme to reduce traffic deaths and injuries in Greece

The European Investment Bank has agreed to support a EUR 470 million nationwide programme to reduce death and injury caused by traffic accidents across Greece.

“Improving road safety across Greece is a national priority and the EIB a key partner to successful implementation of the National and Regional Road Safety Strategic Plan. The new EUR 235 million financial support agreed between the European Investment Bank and Egnatia Odos S.A. will reduce the risk of accidents in Greek cities, rural areas, mountain districts and on Greek islands. The close cooperation between Greek and EIB road experts during preparation of this project ensures that it will target the most dangerous sites on the national road network and allows best practice from Greece to strengthen future road investment by the EIB around the world” said Kostas Karamanlis, Greek Minister of Infrastructure and Transport.

Over the next three years, national road operator Egnatia Odos will improve road safety at 7,000 of the most dangerous sites, located across  11 regions of Greece. The small scale safety schemes will include installation of traffic barriers, provision of anti-skid surfaces and improved warning signs and markings on roads identified as high-risk.