Egrant: Schembri’s relationships with Tonna and Hillman investigated

Updated 04:25 PM

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The relationship of the disgraced Chief of Staff Keith Schembri with Brian Tonna and Adrian Hillman are amongst the recommendations that emerged from the Egrant Inquiry Report and that are already being investigated by the Malta Police Force and the Inquiring Magistrates.

In a press statement, the Police referred to other investigations such as those pertaining to Pilatus Bank, and 17 Black and its relationship with Hearnville Inc and Tillgate Inc. These companies used to belong to Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri respectively. The Police remarked that other recommendations are being investigated by the Malta Police itself or in connection with other agencies and authorities.

The statement explains that “the full Egrant Inquiry report was referred to the Malta Police Force from the Attorney General’s Office immediately on the day that the Inquiry was transmitted from the Inquiring Magistrate to the Attorney General, and was examined by the Police soon after”.

It was explained that while the Malta Police would like to give further details about its work, such details cannot be given at the moment as they could harm the ongoing investigations, or it is legally bound by secrecy not to reveal such details.

Tuesday afternoon, Opposition Leader Adrian Delia announced that he had formally requested an immediate investigation into Karl Cini from Nexia BT, in view of Egrant’s Inquiry Report recommendations. Delia was addressing the media in front of the Police Headquarters in Floriana.