Egrant report: Investigate Cini

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

One of the recommendations of the Egrant Report penned by Magistrate Aaron Bugeja puts the spotlight on Karl Cini of Nexia BT. The report says that there are discrepancies in the testimony given by Cini who should consequently be investigated by the Commissioner of Police as these discrepancies may be tantamount to perjury.

Cini was the person responsible for the opening of the secret Panama companies of Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi as well as the Egrant company whose owner is still unknown. The inquiry had concluded that it found no proof that connects Egrant to Michelle Muscat or to the Prime Minister.

Not all conclusions had been published

The main conclusions of the report were published in July 22, 2018.

This and other information about the report became available to the public after the publication of the full report by the leader of the Partit Nazzjonalista Adrian Delia Tuesday late afternoon. It  is now apparent that besides the main conclusions there were other conclusions and recommendations which were not published. A cursory look at the report shows that about 50 pages of recommendations and conclusions had not been published. One of these recommendations is the one calling for an investigation of  Karl Cini.

Inconsistencies by Cini

While Cini had told the Inquiring Magistrate that he had only set up three companies in Panama further investigation by the Forensic Accountants Harbinson Forensics concluded that he had also set up the company Real Trade Investments Global Corporation in Panama, and not in the Britain Virgin Islands (BVI), as is said in the testimony he submitted. Besides, it transpired that Cini had not mentioned all the companies that the had set up in the British Virgin Islands and gave other contradictory information.

Regarding Nexia BT it turned out that most employees were not involved since, as testified by Brian Tonna, most work connected with international clients was in the hands of Karl Cini.

Among the witnesses heard by the Inquiry one finds Daphne Caruana Galizia, Maria Efimova, Joseph Muscat, Michelle Muscat, Keith Schembri, Dr. Konrad Mizzi, John Dalli, Brian Tonna, Karl Cini, Ali Sadr Hasheminejad, Hamidreza Ghanbari, Claude-Ann Sant Fournier, Antoniella Gauci, and Pierre Portelli.