Egrant: Michelle Muscat calls on the state to do its duty and catch the fraudster

Michelle Muscat  exhorted the institutions of  the state ‘…to do their job and get to the bottom of who maliciously forged documents to try to implicate me, my husband and my family’. In a heartfelt appeal she seconded the Prime Minister’s position following the Magisterial inquiry which exonerated them from being the ultimate beneficiary owners of the secret Panama account called Egrant. Muscat said that, together with her husband, they considering their legal options to decide on their preferred course of action.

Michelle Muscat said that the past months were difficult for the whole family. She described her ‘trauma’ at having ‘…to give evidence alone, without any assistance, as required by our laws’. She said that away from the public persona, they were a family who had gone through considerable pressure on a personal and on a human level. With young children asking questions on the possibility of going to prison, Michelle Muscat said that she had to explain to her children what an ‘istitut’ was as well as how to behave in the face of a siege of camera attention.

‘But the scar that this deceitful conspiracy left on me personally, and on us as a family, has marked us for life’ said the Prime Minister’s wife. She thanked everyone who believed in them, especially Michelle Buttigieg, who also had several accusations made against her.  She promised that together with her husband, they will remain positive and that throughout summer, they would spend more time with each other and with their children.