Egrant inquiry: Suitcases put outside PM’s residence

Reżistenza Malta

The group Reżistenza Malta have put two suitcases in front of the Prime Minister’s summer residence in Girgenti.

The group said that PM Joseph Muscat had waited until evidence about Egrant had been removed before opening a magisterial inquiry.

The suitcases had a note attached to them saying that the documents are in a safe place.

Carlo Bonini from the newspaper La Reppublica had said on RTK that the The Daphne Project journalists want to unveil the entire truth, including the identity of Egrant’s owner.

When Daphne Caruana Galizia had alleged that Egrant belongs to the PM’s wife, Ali Sadr Hasheminejad, Pilatus Bank’s owner, had walked out of the bank carrying two large suitcases.

Bonini had laughed at the idea that those suitcases contain only underwear, and asked whether Ali Sadr has ever been investigated about the contents of those suitcases.

Both the PM and his wife have always refuted claims that they have anything to do with Egrant.

Today, The Office of Attorney General confirmed that the report on the magisterial inquiry into the Egrant allegations is now at the Office of the Attorney General, and that the inquiry has now been concluded by Magistrate Aaron Bugeja.