Egrant inquiry report: Even Owen Bonnici has a copy – AG

Attorney General Peter Grech said in Court Tuesday morning that besides giving a copy of the full report of the Egrant Inquiry he also gave a full report to Justice Minister Owen Bonnici. He had emailed the report to Minister Bonnici a few days after he gave a copy to the Prime Minister. But, Grech added that had he also given a copy to the Leader of the Opposition, Dr Adrian Delia, he would have been “throwing the report into the political arena.”

Dr Grech was giving evidence in Court in the constitutional proceedings filed by leader of the Opposition Adrian Delia, who is saying that he should also be given a copy of the report.

He confirmed that Dr Pawlu Lija, on behalf of Dr Muscat and his spouse, had requested the AG to hand over a copy to  the Prime Minister and his wife. Dr Grech said that he accepted this request and had sent a photocopied version of the inquiry report to the Prime Minister. The copy sent to the Prime Minister was a full copy, Grech confirmed. He added that although he realised that there was an element of risk he had felt that he was justified to give a full copy to the Prime Minister. Then Minister Bonnici asked for a copy as he was acting as legal counsel to the Prime Minister and his wife and Dr Grech said that he felt he should give Minister Bonnici a copy as well.

The Attorney General said that the report should not be published in full as there was confidential banking information concerning third parties and ongoing investigations.

When he answered questions by Dr Galea, one of the lawyers of Dr Delia, the AG confirmed that he had not set any conditions to the recipients, barring the publication of the inquiry.

Dr Grech agreed with Dr Galea that the conclusions of the inquiry would have been enough to satisfy the interest of the Prime Minister but he felt that the Prime Minister had a right to the full evidential basis of the inquiry.