Egrant Inquiry: Great expectations, rife speculation

FILE PHOTO: Whitehall Mansions, within which the offices of Pilatus Bank are situated, is seen in Ta' Xbiex

The day after the Attorney General announced that Magistrate Aaron Bugeja handed in his report Malta is agog with great expecations and rife speculation.

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat will address a press conference at 10.30a.m. while the Leader of the Opposition will speak later on Radio 101. was one of the first media houses to break the news. This was followed by a statement from the office of the Attorney General confirming the media reports while adding that the ‘voluminous report’ was being analysed. Hot on heels the Prime Minister, in a statement, said that he was in favour of the publication of the report in its entirety; an opinion shared later by the Leader of the Opposition.

Many MPs, other politicians, and many individuals tweeted and wrote on Facebook. Each gave his and her own spin fuelling speculations about the contents of the report. Particularly Facebook was on fire.

But the person most eagerly awaited is the Attorney General who can decide to publish or to hold on to the report.

The Egrant inquiry was the main story on the front pages of all Sunday newspapers. MaltaToday speculated the holding of a press conference about the inquiry’s result, It-Torċa asked the question: “Who will resign?”, with two photos, of the Prime Minister and Simon Busuttil next to this title.

Furthermore, The Sunday Times and Il-Mument led with the requests for the full publication of this inquiry while ILLUM reported how the report is now being analysed by the Attorney General. KullĦadd, the Labour Party newspaper, led with the ominous title: the moment of truth.