Egrant Inquiry: Cardona, Mizzi, Scicluna, do not want the public to know the truth – PN

Miguela Xuereb

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Partit Nazzjonalista decried the latest legal move by three Ministers, saying that they intend to keep the truth from the public regarding the inquiry report on the third Panamanian company, Egrant.

It is understood that Economy Minister Chris Cardona, Economy Minister Edward Scicluna and Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi filed an application before the Constitution Court.

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In a press conference outside the courts, PN leader Adrian Delia flanked by secretary general Clyde Puli, and candidates Errol Cutajar and Janice Chetcuti explained that in July the Constitutional Court decides that the trio of ministers should be summoned in court to explain how they obtained information which was not published in the main conclusions of the Egrant inquiry report.

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Partit Nazzjonalista said that the Attorney General is wearing two hats, and is defending the ministers who want to hide the truth.

In his reply to their application, PN leader Adrian Delia said that irrespective of what the ministers claim, it remains clear that they quoted off the Egrant inquiry report which remains unpublished. The question remains from where was the quote taken, arguing that the reply would affect the outcome of the proceedings before the Constitutional Court.

Delia reiterated that the party will continue to seek the truth. In May, the Civil Court had turned down a request by the Opposition Leader who had asked for a full copy of the 1,500-page report. He then filed appeal proceedings.

After filing the appeal, the citations had come to light in a separate case. Delia then asked the court to order the ministers to testify and explain how the citations came about.

The main conclusions of the report, which amount to some 3% of the “voluminous” inquiry report were published in July 2018. However the full report remains unpublished to date.

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