Muscat has suspicions about who’s behind Egrant allegations

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that he has suspicions about who is behind the allegations that the Egrant company in Panama belonged to his wife, Michelle.

During an interview on ONE TV, Dr Muscat said that he might know the reason behind the allegations, but would rather keep it to himself.

“Busuttil knew exactly what would happen”

He added that the former Leader of the Nationalist Party, Simon Busuttil knew exactly what would happen. He said that a few weeks before the results of the magisterial inquiry regarding Egrant, Busuttil was telling the people that he had papers to confirm that Egrant was in fact owned by Michelle and that they would emerge at the right time.

“It was a coordinated attack and he was part of the coordination. There were people in the early hours of the morning capturing everything on camera. There was a whole coordination, and it is expected from someone who is doing something deliberately wrong,” the Prime Minister added.

Regarding Simon Busuttil’s decision to remain in office, Muscat said that he had no doubt that he would not resign.

“I still haven’t read the whole report”

Dr Muscat said that he has not read the whole report as yet but is relying on the advice of his lawyers. He will not be reading the report without feeling angry at what there is written.

Muscat said that he was mentally prepared to resign last Sunday, had there been any ambiguity in his confrontation. He remarked that he was impressed with the detail that the Magistrate went into. “A few minutes before the publication of the inquiry, it was being disrupted by the issue of the suitcases and the Magistrate intervened.”

“Somebody sat down and falsified the documents”

“The primary conclusion is not that my wife and I have no links to the company but that the people were shocked that the documents were falsified. Somebody sat down and falsified the documents.”

Muscat says that he cannot take the law in his hands and that the institution carries out justice. He mentioned that given all the detail that the Magistrate went into, it did not take as long as expected. “Information was brought from other countries. Every report was checked twice. The Magistrate took up an efficient system.”

He said that this is the first time that he agreed with the advice of the Attorney General and insisted that he will publish the report.

Muscat also mentioned that the Egrant inquiry had a negative impact on his family. He said that he had explained how his children should respond if the allegations were mentioned at school.

“He called for an election because work had decreased for retailers”

Muscat said that in 2017 he had no choice but to call for an election since shop owners had informed him of a decrease in sales.