Egrant Inquiry: Case closed in spite of UAE’s deafening silence

The Egrant inquiry failed to establish whether the account in question, as well as the accounts held by Minister Konrad Mizzi and OPM Chief Keith Schembri held any accounts in the United Arab Emirates. In the main conclusions of the Egrant Inquiry, published so far it was stated that evidence by commission was requested from the United Arab Emirates (UAE). However, no information was forthcoming from the UAE authorities by the time the inquiry was concluded. Former FIAU investigator Jonathan Ferris had been reported as saying that the UAE was notorious for its non-co-operation in money laundering matters.

The Egrant Inquiry quoted the Forensic Accountants Harbinson Forensics saying that the sleuthing company did not find any bank account for Egrant Inc through their international intelligence banking contacts.

Harbinson Forensics was set up on May 1, then branched off a separate company Harbinson Mullholland. Australian Financial journalist Neil Chenoweth had asked on Twitter why Harbinson Mullholland had not put their name to the Egrant Inquiry.


The other forensic company used by the Maltese Court was Key Forensic Services which went into administration earlier on this year.

On July 22 the main conclusions of the Egrant Inquiry report were made public. Despite several calls for the report to be published in full, to date the report was not made public, in spite of the fact that yet again, Sunday morning, Prime Minister Muscat declared his intention to publish.