“Educators should be vocation spotters” – Bishop Mario Grech

Credit: Anthony Grech

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Although the educational system includes vocational subjects, educators should also be ‘vocation spotters’. This means that they should focus on guiding students into choosing the career path based on their best strengths. Bishop Mario Grech had these words of advice to educators celebrating the start of the scholastic year in Gozo.

Well aware of what he described as ‘the enormous potential educators hold, as well as the challenges they will have to face in the coming months’, Mgr Grech added that youth is an interesting if sensitive period, as one starts to choose life’s orientations.  The Bishop of Gozo mentioned that this is where educators’ importance comes to play: to ensure that no student is left not knowing that they want to do in their lives, figuratively living in “temporary tents”.

‘Guiding students will contribute to society’

Those students who are helped focus their goals usually continue to make good decisions and positively contribute to society said Mgr. Grech. He reflected that although it’s been a while since he sat on the school bench, he still feels as if he owes a debt of gratitude to those educators who acted as a guide in his journey.

“We would be narrowing our vision if we were to believe that schools are there simply to treat intelligence and students’ memory”, stressed the Bishop. “On the contrary,” he added, “schools should strive towards the integral formation of students, and therefore, treats all aspects of one’s personality.”

Mgr. Grech explained that therefore, it is essential that we guide adolescents and youth in their journey of life, which includes the option of continuing the spiritual or priestly route.

The Bishop prayed that through the intercession of Our Lady, similar to how the Holy Spirit was the educator of Jesus and many of his disciples, so the Spirit Holy will act as a guide to educators in their vocational commitment.