Educating the public about healthy lifestyles on World Health Day

Health professionals are working with local councils to educate the public about healthy lifestyles, as part of World Health Day.

The initiative which is being run by members of the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Directorate and Primary Health Care, are going into communities across Malta and Gozo, to educate the public on healthier options which will prevent further cases of chronic disease and death.

The move is part of the Ministry for Health’s efforts in support of World Health Day, run by the World Health Organisation, and celebrated on the 7th April.

This year’s slogan is ‘#UniversalHealthCoverage: everyone, everywhere’.

In addition to encouraging better health choices, the Health Ministry’s efforts are also aimed at improving the operation and services provided across the country’s medical clinics.

This also includes a focus on combating diabetes an cancer through providing new medicine, equipment and research.

Mental Health is also being prioritised through the Mental Health Strategy 2020-2030, providing 24/7 treatment through the Accident and Emergency Department.