Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2020 going online

The Fringe Society has unveiled alternative digital plans this summer.

Edninburgh Fringe artwork by Butcher Billy

This year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival will include livestreamed performances, throwbacks, community-focused events and support sessions.

The Fringe will be running a series of digital activities, including virtual shows, a festival-wide crowdfunding campaign, artist-facing workshops, a new online arts industry platform and a virtual ‘Fringe Central’.

Shona McCarthy, Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society Chief Executive, said: “It’s hard to imagine a summer without the Fringe. The explosion of creativity and community that the festival brings every year is unparalleled, and whilst we may not be able to provide a stage in Edinburgh in quite the same way this year, it feels hugely important that the spirit of this brilliant festival is kept alive.”