Economic prosperity must be based on what is wise and right – Archbishop Scicluna

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Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Archbishop Charles Scicluna said that the reputation of a country can grow and consolidate only if the values of integrity, justice and solidarity are applied in its politics. In the homily of the Presidential inaugural mass in St John’s Co-Cathedral, Archbishop Scicluna addressed the highest authorities in the land. He warned that “If the only thing we aspire to is gain or profit, we will embark on a change from democracy to kerdocracy (a society driven by a race for profits) and then we will slide into a kleptocracy (a society driven by the greatest acquisitions possible)”. He said that economic prosperity can only be based on solid foundations if those who formulate and lead it seek to steep it in what is wise and right.

The Politician’s Beatitudes

Referring to the ‘Beatitudes of the politician’ proposed by Cardinal Nguyen Van Thuan, Archbishop Scicluna referred to persona virtues such as credibility, altruistic virtues such as working for the common good and not in private interest, and abilities such as those of listening and acting without fear. The characteristics fall in line with what Pope Francis said in his message for the World Day of Peace when he said that : “The thirst for power at any price leads to abuses and injustice. Politics is an essential means of building human community and institutions, but when political life is not seen as a form of service to society as a whole, it can become a means of oppression, marginalization and even destruction.” Serious politics, said Archbishop Scicluna quoting Pope Francis, affirm each individual’s duty “ to acknowledge the reality and value of the freedom offered him to work at one and the same time for the good of the city, the nation and all mankind’”.

The great challenge of politics

Archbishop Scicluna, still quoting Pope Francis, said that good politics is at the service of peace, it respects and promotes fundamental human rights and enables the forging of an inter-generational bond of trust. He said that the greatest challenge in politics is to make every effort to protect those who live there and to create conditions for a just and worthy future. “If exercised with basic respect for the life, freedom and dignity of persons, political life can indeed become an outstanding form of charity” quoted the Archbishop of Malta.