Econetique – one of the island’s leading experts in renewable energy


Econetique was founded in 2009 by the FXB Group, a well-established company in the field of furnishings.

The directors of this organisation recognised the need to shift to environmentally friendly practises and operations in light of the fast depleting fossil fuels, the country’s primary source of energy. Thus, out of this kernel of an idea stemmed Econetique. The organisation has come a long way since then, gaining an enviable reputation as one of the island’s leading experts in renewable energy, offering energy preservation solutions to commercial and domestic projects alike.


Econetique offers end-to-end services of heating systems, including underfloor heating, radiators and domestic hot water system. Econetique also provides tailor made photovoltaic systems which are designed based on your needs and roof restriction.

Econetique has you covered even on thermal insulation production, both for roof and wall installation, will all accessories required. And if you are looking for sound insulation, Econetique offers a vast range of products depending on your requirements.

Econetique is also the importer of Sinclair Products, a renowned Czech company based on air conditioning units, both for commercial and residential products, heatpump solutions, air purifiers and dehumidifiers and much more.


To top it off, all these services are provided by a team of engineers, both mechanical and electrical, who design each individual product based on your requirements.

Whatever your request on the above-mentioned sectors, Econetique is ready to offer their services for your project. For more information, you may contact Econetique on or 2155 0604.

This content was supplied by the FXB Group