EU’s General Court dismisses Dalli’s request for compensation for damages


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The General Court of the European Union has ruled that ex-European Commissioner John Dalli is not entitled for compensation for the alleged damages that he is claiming to have suffered from his early resignation from his role at the European Commission.

In a press release the CJEU said that Dalli had not shown proof of unlawful conduct from OLAF or the EU Commission and has not established the existence of sufficient direct causal links between the conduct complained and the alleged damage that Dalli claims to have suffered but has also not been proven.

In 2012, then EU Health Commissioner John Dalli resigned from his post in Brussels following an anti-fraud inquest that found his involvement with an attempt to influence legislation related to tobacco. The European Ant-Fraud Office (OLAF) found out that a Maltese businessman had tried to contact then Commissioner Dalli for financial gains.

Back in 2015, the General Court had dismissed John Dalli’s claim to void the decision of the 16th of October of 2012 when The President of the European Commission declared that John Dalli’s role as an EU Commissioner had been terminated with immediate effect. The same ruling also denied Dalli from the compensation requested which amounted to €1,913,396. Dalli had appealed this sentence which was denied in 2016.

Dalli persisted and opened another case for damages incurred for the loss of his role within the EU Commission. The Court also rejected the complained that John Dalli lodged against OLAF’s actions. The Court rejected another two complaints made by John Dalli in relation to the illegal behaviour from the ex-Commissioner. It ruled that Dalli did not provide proof of what he is alleging.

View full CJEU press release here.