Watch: EC President welcomes Malta reforms; “We are moving forward” – Abela

The Office of the Prime Minister has published a letter delivered to Malta’s Prime Minister by the EC President, Ursula von der Leyen, together with the PM’s reaction.

The President of the European Commission had sent a letter to Maltese PM Robert Abela on the 9th of July.

The letter reads that the EC President welcomes the step taken by the Maltese Government to consult the Venice Commission and request a formal opinion on this important package of reform, as it is seen as a positive step and a sign of the commitment of the Maltese Government to strengthen the rule of law and judicial independence. 

This is important in view of the draft country-specific recommendations adopted on May 20th, the letter continues, where the Commission recommended that Malta takes action to complete reforms addressing current shortcomings in institutional capacity and government to enhance judicial independence.

Malta moving forward despite challenges

According to Abela, Malta is moving forward, despite the challenges faced over the previous months. Abela remarked that the EC has forecasted that Malta will be one of the first countries to overcome the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. He also mentioned that Malta is also progressing in its social and health sectors, as well as in its institutional reforms.

The Maltese PM welcomed von der Leyen’s letter, stating his appreciation of the EC’s acknowledgement of our country’s efforts towards achieving a better standard, to continue ensuring stability and peace of mind. Abela stated that these changes are being done to secure a strong future for Malta, so it can be enjoyed by future generations.