EC calls for higher education standards at AUM

The European Commission is worried about the quality of education standards given at the American University of Malta (AUM). This was said in a report the Commission published about the state of education and training in EU member states.

Although the University of Malta (UoM) got nothing but praise, particularly regarding the new University Act giving more autonomy to academics and students, the Commission said that this is a totally different scenario where the AUM is concerned.

The report said that the AUM was extensively covered by the media, even quoting allegations including a lack or students, as well as a lack of academics on campus. There was also mention of the allegation that foreign students are merely using the AUm as an excuse to get into the EU.

The highest school-leaving rates

The report also mentioned the fact that Malta has one of the highest school-leaving rates in Europe. This refers to students who leave school soon after the compulsory age of 16. The average rate is of 18.6%, with male students making up 21.9% and female students 15.1%.

This graph shows the rate of Early School Leavers over the last 10 years:

Commission also quotes KSU appeal

The report also quoted the decision taken during the Kunsill Studenti Universitarji (KSU) Social Policy Commission meeting in which students appealed for better civic education. this was said by the Commission in reaction to the Government reducing the voting age to 16.

The report added that, when compared to other students in Europe, Maltese students benefit far less from civic education. It was also included that civic knowledge was linked to parental education, their occupations, and the socio-economic status of the family.

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