Easing of burial laws to allow for proper funeral for Covid-19 victims

Burial must now take place within 24 hours


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The loved ones of Covid-19 victims will now be given a 24-hour period to hold a proper funeral after the government has opted to revise procedures dictating their immediate burial.

At present, the burial of Covid-19 victims is rushed on the basis of laws introduced to control the bubonic plague, preventing their loved ones from organising a proper send-off.

Amid complaints, Health Minister Chris Fearne revealed, in an interview with Fr Joe Borg on Newsbook Q&A last week, that the regulations were to be revised.

The confirmation came on Monday, with the Health Ministry stating that following an evaluation from the World Health Organisation on the guidelines governing the burial of Covid-19 victims, Malta has also chosen to revise procedures after an internal evaluation.

Victims may now be buried up to 24 hours after death, and a funeral in churches and other places of worship may be held.

The ministry said that since the beginning of the pandemic, Malta always followed the guidelines of the WHO and of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, including on the burial of those who succumb to Covid-19.