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The Newsbook App has been updated: Version 4.1 is here

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Newsbook.com.mt is proud to announce the launching of its updated mobile app, version 4.1. Designed to maximise user-experience, the app more user-friendly than ever. The substantial investment in this app has been aimed to continue to provide not only the information which you seek but to remember your preferences so that you won’t have to stay looking for stories all the time. The updated Newsbook app will do all the searching for you.

What we did

This new Newsbook app has been designed to understand you and your next move. It is an intelligent app which sees your preferences and acts on them. Do you prefer reading Newsbook in Maltese or in English? The app will remember the language of the last article you read on the app, so you will be automatically be signed into that language on your next visit to the Newsbook app.

Newsbook’s continued investment in its digital platforms by upgrading the technology of its mobile app will mean that you can continue the conversation on what you read in the app through your favourite social platforms. This has been done through enabling easier social sharing through the social media icons.

These improvements continue on the lines of other innovations recently introduced, among which were the “Switch to English” button which makes it easier for you to switch to the English site if you landed on the Maltese section of Newsbook.com.mt. Now, the app will also feature a brighter and more polished Newsbook Logo.

Improvements were also implemented to the news portal Newsbook.com.mt throughout the year. These included a live blogging system and a responsive site that allows for pleasant reading whether you’re on a 7-inch smartphone, a 12-inch tablet or a 25-inch pc monitor.

What you need to do

Don’t forget to Update your Newsbook App by clicking on this link if you have an Android phone and this link if you have an iOS device. If you’re new to this, Download the Newsbook app here for Android or here for iOS.

And finally…

Thank you for following Newsbook.com.mt. We promise to remain Fair, Accurate and Trustworthy.