€95 million invested in government schools over six years

The government spent a total amount of €95,186.449 on primary and secondary schools it administers over the past six years.

Fondazzjoni għall-Iskejjel tà Għada provided the funds.
The expenditure includes infrastructure, construction, furnishings and other expenses.

Education Minister Evarist Bartolo presented these figures at the House of Representatives following a parliamentary question made by Partit Laburista MP Byron Camilleri.

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Around half a million euros in capital expenditure every year

When it comes to capital expenditure made by the Ministry for Education and Employment, the average spent over the past six tears was that of around half a million euros every year.

The only exception in this spent was in 2016 when the Ministry spent €2,955,053.39.

Capital expenditure for MEDE in the first nine months of 2019 was that of €532,505.60.

This amount is already surpassing the total spent for 2018, which was that of €507,392.87.