€85,000 fund for animal welfare NGOs launched

DOI / Pierre Smmut

An €85,000 fund for animal welfare non-governmental organisations was launched on Friday. The fund which was established last year, has seen an increase of €20,000.

During a press conference on Friday, Parliamentary Secretary for Animal Rights Clint Camilleri said that the Government realized that there was an increase in the demand.

From the €65,000 fund launched in 2018, 13 NGOs have made used of the fund including Gozo SPCA that used the money to buy a new vehicle. Other projects included neutering of strays, medicines, among others.

Registered non-governmental organisation can apply for funds through the Animal Welfare Fund.

During the press conference, Camilleri also referred to a separate fund launched by Parliamentary Secretary Silvio Parnis were €120,000 are available to Local Councils. Camilleri explained that money from this fund can go towards creating dog parks, neutering campaigns as well cat cafes.