€75,000 redirected to cultural and creative sector projects

Teatru Manoel

Funds amounting to €75,000 have been redirected towards a specific call of the Malta Arts Fund to invest in projects which address with immediacy and on a long-term basis, the cultural and creative sector impacted by this situation.

The fund will be managed by Arts Council Malta.

The Ministry for National Heritage, Arts and Local Government and Arts Council Malta recognise that COVID-19 is having a significant impact on creative and cultural practitioners, groups, organisations, the audiences, and society at large.

Minister José Herrera said, “In a time where we are all facing an unprecedented reality, we must all come together and rise to the occasion as a united front. This call will be the third bold initiative we are taking after the government earlier announced the COVID Wage Supplement, Teatru Malta launched the Theatre Depożit scheme and now through the Arts Council we are investing €75,000 through this call of the Malta Arts Fund,” remarked Minister Herrera.

“Thanks to good financial management and its creative thinkers, ACM is today in a position to be able to extend a helping hand to artists, and to whoever comes forward with ideas about new ways how to continue doing art and culture in spite of the massive restrictions that are currently in place,” said Albert Marshall, Executive Chair, Arts Council Malta.

The long-standing Malta Arts Fund is now open with tailored guidelines, especially for this call. Arts Council Malta will be receiving project proposals which fall under artistic development and production, community-based initiatives; cultural and creative sector support; training or education development; international exchange and collaboration; artistic research.

One of the priorities within the call is the importance to follow the COVID-19 government directives on social distancing when responding to this criterion. Individuals, groups, companies or organisations are encouraged to tackle themes such as Borders, Confinement or Isolation; applicants are also encouraged to adopt New Media and Digital Technologies to implement their projects.

Guidelines are available here. The deadline is 23rd April at noon. For more information, you may call on 2334 7227, visit Arts Council Malta Website or send an email to: artsassistance@artscouncilmalta.org.

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