€701K in bank deposits for Finance Minister; Prime Minister has a €120K loan for home works

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The declaration of assets of the members of the Cabinet was published in Parliament on Wednesday afternoon.

In a handwritten declaration, Finance Minister Edward Scicluna said that he has €701,000 in deposits while his income for 2018 includes his ministerial salary of €62,979, €4,607 from University work and €52,865 from pensions, interests and dividends.

On the other hand, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat declared €70,000 in bank deposits, €3,000 less than what he declared in 2018 for the previous year. Muscat has a BOV loan of €120,000 for home works. His only income was his salary as a prime minister.

Economy Minister Chris Cardona has a loan of €375,000 according to his declaration of assets. In 2018 his income was from his salary as a minister and a €10,000 income from rent. In his declaration of assets last year, Cardona declared €14,400 in income from rent. His bank deposits increased from a declared sum of €129,000 in 2018 to €136,000 in 2019.

Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi has 4000 shares in Malta International Airport and is the owner of a house and garage in London, as well as an apartment in Sliema. He declared €230,572 deposits and a loan of €297,731. In his 2018 declaration of assets, Mizzi had declared €329,502 in deposits and a loan of €306,820. His declared income for 2017 was €70,229 while in 2018 Mizzi’s income was €62,978.71.

Read the declaration of assets of ministers and parliamentary secretaries here.