€500,000 research fund for water and electricity innovation


The government has launched a €500,000 research fund in a bid to encourage innovation in the fields of water and energy.

Speaking at the launch, Energy Minister Michael Farrugia observed that there have been a number of interesting developments in the field, specifically mentioning the development of offshore renewable energy developments such as floating wind and floating solar power plants, as well as the development of more effective means to store the generated energy. As for water, Farrugia mentioned how recent initiatives were improving the efficiency of water treatment, including through automatic monitoring systems.

“It is my pleasure to note that our country is registering a number of successes in these sectors. I can mention the reduction in emissions and the improvement in air quality which were made possible through strong investment in renewable energy and in the transition to gas, through less energy being used to purify water and the new water project providing new a source of water for agriculture,” Farrugia said.

He added that the fund would help develop a number of solutions tailor-made for Malta, and could potentially lead to Maltese researchers developing innovations that they could export overseas.