€50,000 direct order for inauguration of Mintoff”s monument

The list published in the Government Gazette on Tuesday provides a breakdown in the direct orders handed out in relation to the inauguration of the Mintoff Monument. The total cost according to the information provided amounted to €49,478.00.

The complete audio system was contracted from Besteam Audio for a direct order of €8,103, while the platforms, tiers and steps were provided for by Istage Ltd in a direct order worth €6,175. The music for the inauguration was worth €10,700 out of which €5,000 went to a direct order from Motif Limited for the service of the orchestra and €5,700 to Paul Abela who was the conductor of the event. The lightning setup provided by Nexos & Co was contracted in a direct order worth €7,350 while the LED set up from RVC event lighting was worth €7,650. Finally the logistic services for the inauguration were provided by TEC Ltd and paid for through a direct order of €9,500.

Other direct orders by the Culture Ministry 

MEP hopeful Felix Busuttil was awarded a €9,360 in a direct order by the Ministry of Culture. According to the Government Gazzette, Busuttil provided services as a Festival Officer.

Labour Mayor Ignatius Farrugia was awarded a €7,200 in direct order for providing consultancy services on Art Council’s dealings with local councils on how to promote better trheir cultural activities.

Ian Noel Pace

Ikona Artworks, the company behind the public art installations each visually depicting a specific Maltese proverb in Valletta, got €36,482 in a direct order from the Ministry of Culture to provide expertise in the area of social and online media in the context of cultural exchange methodologies. The company also got €47,178 in a direct order for the 2018 budget.

35 mounted and framed paintings of different genre and media from the works of the late Ebba von Fersen Balzan, wife of Saviour Balzan were bought in a €15,000 direct order approved on 22 February. The acquisition was based on artistic merit.