€40,280 collected during Oħloq Tbissima

So far, €40,280 have been collected for the 16th edition of Oħloq Tbissima.

In a press release, the organisers detailed that the programme carried on right through the night with prayer, songs of praise and discussions.

Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Chris Fearne and Opposition Whip Hon. David Agius visited the marathon today.

Fearne said that the Church is the largest non-governmental organisation (NGO) in Malta which provides for the needy both locally and abroad. He also mentioned that the Government will be issuing an expression of interest for NGO’s wishing to work in the mental health field.

Agius said that politicians should support this initiative and everyone should donate within their means.

To donate, call:

€10                  51602004

€15                  51702007

€25                  51802009

SMS €4.66      50618099

Pledge Line:  21 445544 (for larger donations of €100 or more)

Or donate online here:  www.ohloqtbissima.com