€400 parking compensation in spite of free parking

Malta International Airport plc

€400 were added to Air Malta employee’s final 2018 salary as parking compensation, in spite of the fact that employees don’t pay to park their private cars. The provided parking by the company running the Malta International Airport is free for employees.

This compensation was confirmed by sources who spoke to Air Malta employees. Even the General Workers Union confirmed that they were given money for parking, without mentioning the amount. Air Malta meanwhile answered that “every commercial decision taken by the company is of a sensitive nature and not in the public interest”.

Alternative parking area

A spokesperson for the GWU told Newsbook.com.mt that the MIA has a space for airline employees and other companies within the airport. The companies pay the MIA for their employees to park for free.

Our sources said that in the beginning of December, the MIA started a project in the zone where all airport employees used to park their cars, including Air Malta employees.

Due to this project, employees were given an alternative parking area. This car park is slightly further than the terminal, right near the Institute for Tourism Studies in Luqa. In order to reduce inconvenience, the MIA provided free transport to all who work at the airport from this car park to the terminal.

Compensation in spite of free parking

Sources said that Air Malta offered €400 to all employees. Without mentioning the exact amount, the GWU told Newsbook.com.mt that Air Malta “of her own volition” offered this financial help to its employees, “so they are covered in case they park elsewhere”.

Other employees want compensation

Newsbook.com.mt can confirm that no other company or entity who employs people at the airport gave any sort of compensation to its employees. This newsroom is informed that a number of employees complained to their employers and unions asking for the same treatment which Air Malta employees were given.

Employees who spoke with us said that it is ironic that while the companies with large turnovers every year gave their employees nothing, while the company with the most rumours financial problems was this generous. Not even Government Departments within the airport including Customs, the Army, and the Police gave no compensation.

It was reported these last few months that AirMalta is going to conclude it’s financial year in the coming March with no losses. At the same time, it was also reported that the national airline is employing a number of new staff. Air Malta is a Government company and falls under the remit of the Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi.