€4.2 million project to regenerate Maglio Garden

A regeneration project is underway at the Maglio Garden in Floriana by the Grand Harbour Regeneration Corporation (GHRC) with a total investment of €4.2 million.

This investment is intended to improve the aesthetic quality of this garden and the area to complement the aesthetic of City Gate, Pjazza Tritoni, Biskuttin and Argotti Garden.

This project includes 7,500 square metres of new paving and will use special paving for people with impaired vision.

Works include upgrading of the space in front of the Examinations Department, new handrails around monuments, restoration of the boundary wall, arches and monuments and the boundary wall railing and rebuilding of the fountain. A new lighting system inside and outside the garden, as well as other service works, will be included.

During a visit on-site Minister Ian Borg said that the government is committed to continue investing in this area, not only because it is a touristic area, but also because it is very important for the residents of these localities. He also mentioned how Floriana is a reference point for all Maltese people travelling to the public transport terminus.

GHRC Chairman Anthony Agius Decelis made an appeal to the general public to take care of these projects which were abandoned for years. From her end Floriana Mayor Davina Sammut Hili said the Floriana Local Council received a lot of complaints, especially regarding the paving and explained that the works require sacrifice from the residents who are eager to start using a renovated garden with more modern facilities.