€35 million allocated by Fundación Mapfre to stop spread of COVID-19

In light of the emergency created by the coronavirus crisis, Fundación MAPFRE International announced its plans to allocate €35 million to various international projects aiming to better protect the population against the virus, help society’s most disadvantaged groups, and help the world to get out of this crisis with the least possible impact.

This notably involves two immediate courses of action: supporting research into COVID-19, which has been granted €5 million euros; and dedicating a second sum to testing and the acquisition of ventilators, and medical and personal protective equipment, which will be received by nursing homes, hospitals, and medical centers across 27 countries, with a focus on Latin America. The acquisition of this equipment, which is key to containing the illness and better protecting people against it, has been allocated €20 million.

Fundación MAPFRE has also earmarked €10 million to support initiatives in Spain aiming to provide psychological assistance to citizens who have lost a family member or provide company for elderly people who are alone at this time, through volunteering; to assist poorer elderly people with micro-donations; to develop and manufacture ventilators and personal protective equipment; to distribute basic necessities; and to create jobs via aid, with a particular focus on SMEs and self-employed workers.

The table below summarises the top 12 actions and explains how they have been classified according to the budget involved and the level of urgency of implementing each project.

Fundación MAPFRE will donate a total of €20 million to 27 countries for the acquisition of medical equipment, personal protective equipment and ventilators, the creation of emergency medical units and field hospitals, and for carrying out PCR diagnostic tests for detecting COVID-19.

“The fight against the coronavirus involves all sectors of society. Institutions, such as Fundación MAPFRE, are called now more than ever to take action, with solidarity measures that promote social cohesion and equal opportunities,” said Antonio Huertas, the organization’s president, who has recently been proud of the company’s social commitment and has expressed his desire for “more companies to join this effort to accompany the weakest, to help them through these difficult times, and to help the world come out of this crisis with the least possible impact.”

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