€2,000 fine if ‘residents to carer allocation system’ is not in place

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A legal notice concerning residential homes for the elderly has been issued on Tuesday, stating that  a fine of €2,000 will apply if the concept of bubbles is not maintained in the homes for the elderly with the aim to avoid coronavirus transmission.

The legal notice explains that the “residents to carer allocation system” needs to be in place. This means a system where the same cohort of caring staff is allocated to care holistically for all the needs of residents assigned within the same residential bubble. If this system is not in place the care facility will face a fine of €2,000.

The residential bubble means keeping the same people within the same small cohort group.

If a residentail home for the elderly is not compliant with the measures the follwoing fines will be imposed;

Penalty of €100 for not wearing a  visor  or  medical  mask  by  anyperson who is working  in  a  residential  service  forolder persons, who is  a  professional  or  medical  care  staff who needs to assist the residents or  delivering  goods  or  rendering  aservice within the residence.

Penalty of €100 if residents are not provided with the necessary resources to ensure that they are able to keep continuous communication with their families and/or  friends.  Such  contact  can  be  made  throughphone calls, video calls, interaction on social mediaand other technological means.

€500 fine of the facility does not abide  by  the infection  control  measures  as issued by the authorities. €500 fine will also apply if quarantine measures are not respected.

A €100 fine will be issued if the facility does not abide with the protocol issued by the authorities in relation to visits by relatives to the elderly residing in residential homes.

Announced on Wednesday evening
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