€1.5 million allocated for new eco-friendly cars – Borg

DOI - Jason Borg

€1.5 million will be allocated to a scrappage scheme to allow the public to buy and register more eco-friendly vehicles, Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ian Borg, has announced.

The scheme will provide members of the public with grants for the de-registering and scrapping of vehicles conforming to the M1 or M1 Hybrid class of vehicles:

€800 will be allocated to those registering a brand new M1 Category Vehicle with CO2 emissions between 101 and 130g/km.

Between €900 and €1,500 will be paid towards vehicles with CO2 emissions up to 100g/km. This sum will be equivalent to amount paid in registration tax on the previous vehicle.

Up to €2,000 will be paid for those registering M1 Hybrid vehicles recording CO2 emissions between 40 and 65g/km.

The Minister explained that last year, the Government had allocated €1.35 million for this which resulted in 230 new electric cars on our roads.

DOI – Jason Borg

This is just one of six financial grant schemes focused on private transport methods which the Transport Ministry’s €2.5 million investment will cover.

According to the minister, funding will also be allocated towards electric vehicles, Autogas or LPG vehicle conversions, wheelchair accessible taxis, eco-friendly car imports and the retrofitting of HDDF systems to certain car categories to reduce their emissions.

Speaking at the event, Minister Borg explained that in 2018, ‘We had more than 1,860 people benefitting from these schemes – this means that there were a number of people who decided to take an important step and purchase a more sustainable or smaller means of private transport. This is the beginning of a culture shift, which we would like to continue seeing so that together we can help our country to benefit from improved air quality and less traffic on our roads,’ said Minister Borg.