Dwejra Hotel: PD admonishes ERA and Ambjent Malta

Natura 2000 Dwejra
Natura 2000 is the area marked in red. The hotel proposal area is in green.

Partit Demokratiku (PD) have called out the Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) and Ambjent Malta and asked them to stand up for Dwejra, and protest against the hotel being built. The party insists that entities should do their job.

In a press release, PD said that Dwejra receives over 750,000 visitors a year. It went on to say that the area has been abused before, citing the example of a restaurant being beuilt instead of a visitors’ centre. They further explained that it was recently revealed that the only applicant answering a tender for a Heritage Park, running from 1st September 2017, intends to build a hotel in the area.

Newsbook.com.mt had analysed the proposal submitted to the ERA about the hotel. One of the main issues was the lack of documentation, along with the fact that it forms part of Natura 2000, the largest coordinated network of protected zones.

The press release detailed that in 2010, the PL Opposition had condemned MEPA for allowing artificial sand to be placed by the Game of Thrones crew, which damaged the area. PD expects such a reaction once again.