Ducks at Salina Nature Reserve to be relocated

Robert Cutajar / Facebook

The Veterinary Regulation Directorate within the Ministry for Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Rights has informed the general public that appropriate actions are being carried out by authorities in view of the positive findings of Influenza A subtype H6 (H6Nx) in the locality of Salina Nature Reserve.

Last week health authorities informed the public that ducks at the Salina Nature Reserve have been tested positive for Influenza A subtype H6.

The directorate said on Monday that in conjunction with the health authorities, epidemiological evidence shows that there is no known risk of illness in humans from exposure to infected animals with this type of influenza. However, this virus can be transmitted to other birds and domestic poultry.

To safeguard local farming, especially poultry and wild birds, the directorate is relocating the feral waterfowls from Salina Nature Reserve to be kept under the direct monitoring of the directorate for further epidemiological studies.

The Veterinary Regulation Directorate emphasised on the importance that nobody picks up or moves these birds to other sites without the necessary approvals from the Veterinary Regulation Directorate in order to prevent the spreading of this virus to other animals which might put at risk the poultry farming industry.