“Drunk drivers are destroying cars, killing cats” – Fed up residents

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

St. Julian’s Baltic Road has suffered a number of incidents throughout the past few months. Drunk drivers regularly careen through the street, hitting other parked cars and driving off. One particular incident even featured a driver crashing into a residence. Cats are regularly run over, and the residents are fed up.

Last night featured another such hit-and-run incident, that damaged two parked cars. The Police managed to identify the driver thanks to nearby homes’ security cameras.

Newsbook.com.mt contacted several residents regarding the situation.

One resident recounted how upon waking up on one fateful morning last October, at 4am, she heard a screeching sound and a large crash. Someone had crashed into their property, damaging two cars in the process. One of the cars was their own. She contacted the Police, and waited beside the drunk driver, although she was angry at him, and still in shock.

The incident cost them €20,000.

Another resident told Newsbook.com.mt that their cat had been run over by one of these reckless drivers. He said that it was not a singular case, since it’s become normal to spot a run over cat in the street.

Residents took to Facebook to complain about the amount of cars that have to be damaged before action is taken. The Mayor of St. Julian’s, Albert Buttigieg, stated that he has applied for a sleeping police permit. However, since the street is frequented by a number of public buses, a sleeping police cannot be installed.

Residents claim that the street falls under the San Ġwann local council’s jurisdiction. However, two residents said that the Mayor was of no help. When asked about a sleeping police, Trevor Fenech had told the concerned residents that it had been years since a sleeping police was installed in San Ġwann. On his end, Fenech contacted the newsroom to inform that he had never ignored the issue. He explained that a sleeping police is not always the correct solution to such incidents, adding that a traffic management safety report for the street will be concluded next week.

Another resident stated that Sean Gauci, who forms part of the St. Julian’s local council, was of great help. She added that Buttigieg and Fenech are meeting on Tuesday to discuss the matter at hand.

The residents are fed up, and hope that action will be taken before it’s too late.