Drug kingpin arrested

The Maltese Police Force have managed to break another drug trafficking ring following a Facebook post that led to the arrest of the mastermind behind the whole operation.

29-year-old Jordan Azzopardi who is believed to be the leader of the drug trafficking circle was arrested after the police found his whereabouts after he posted an appeal on Facebook to help find his Pomeranian dog. He was later arrested by the police in his residence in Wardija. During the raid, an unlicensed fire-arm, and considerable amount of cocaine and cannabis with scales and other instruments to cut the drugs were found.

He appeared in front on the Court on Saturday. Charges against him include cocaine trafficking, heroin trafficking, and cannabis trafficking. Mario Abdilla from Valletta and a 30-year old woman from Cospicua were also arraigned in front of the Court.

Jordan Azzopardi is being kept in custody.