“Draft Amazon Synod document will be ready by Sunday” – Bishop Grech

L-Isqof Mario Grech - Sinodu 1
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The drafting committee will convene on Saturday evening to finalize the draft for the Amazon Synod, the pro-secretary general of the Synod of Bishops, Bishop Mario Grech said.

Mgr Mario Grech explained that once the draft is ready, it will be translated to the various languages used in the Synod, during an interview with Newsbook.com.mt.  

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A long night of discussions is planned for Saturday evening to reach an agreement on the text which would be presented to the Bishops on Monday. 

The drafting committee is now meeting to assemble into a document the recommendations of the small working groups from their discussions during the synod.

The Amazon Synod will convene at the Vatican, to discuss environmental and religious issues in the Amazon and give special attention to the needs of indigenous communities there. 187 bishops and priests from Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana have been invited to participate in the Synod and vote on the measures. 

Religious sisters and nuns, and representatives of the Amazon’s indigenous populations will attend as well.

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Mgr Grech said that he is adapting to his new role, remarking that while in the past he was part of the Synod as a participant, now he is part of the organising team. Currently, he is assisting Cardinal Baldissieri, who is the secretary-general of the Synod.

‘It’s the Holy Father’s wish that I meet with all the staff at the Secretariat and get a better understanding of what goes into preparing for the Synod,’ Mgr Grech explained.

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