Dove supports Europa Donna Malta during breast cancer awareness month

Throughout Pink October, Dove Malta collaborated with Europa Donna Malta, an NGO that supports women who are battling breast cancer.

The Dove Malta campaign aimed to raise awareness of breast cancer and the importance of getting tested, whilst encouraging the general public to make a donation to the NGO.

A spokesperson for Dove Malta said that it is important that we recognise that each year, several women seek the aid of NGOs after being diagnosed with breast cancer, and that we each do our best to support these women. “Dove Malta felt the need to do their part by raising awareness of the great work done by Europa Donna Malta, who have been supporting women for over 30 years.”

Dove has recently launched a new range of 0% Aluminium deodorants. Women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer can safely use the new Dove 0% deodorant because it does not contain aluminium salts that are usually found in antiperspirants.

Unilever UK Ltd have corporate social responsibility and sustainable living at the heart of the organisation and seek to drive positive change through their business, brands and partners. The company continues to invest in supporting all women, and giving them the confidence they deserve.

For more information, you may visit the website.

This content was supplied by Dove Malta