Double murder in Għargħur – “there was blood everywhere”

Christoph Schwaiger

On Wednesday the Court continued with the compilation of evidence in the case of the double murder in Għargħur of the 23rd July where a 42-year old man allegedly killed his mother and aunt after attacking them with a pointed object at their joint residence in Triq Fidiel Zarb. Various persons took to the stand, amongst whom three police officers and an HSBC representative.

Police Officers Jeffrey Gilson and Raymond Vella both said that they had waited outside of the residence until the forensic team finished their work. Officer Tonio Bellizzi from RUI stated that the accused had opened the door to the Police and he could see splashes of blood all over him. He said that he found the two victims on top of each other in a room at the back of the house in a room full of blood. According to Bellizzi the accused appeared calm at all time and offered no resistance.

HSBC representative Alison Mifsud Brimmer took to the stand to forward bank details of the accused from 2011.

A full report on the case in Maltese is found here.

The case will continue on the 10th October at 10.15am.