‘Don’t expose your children to risks unnecessarily’ – Commissioner for Children

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Commissioner for Children has urged parents and guardians to refrain from exposing their children to risks unnecessarily, appealing to parents to keep their children at home.

On Monday, 17 new individuals were confirmed to have tested positive for coronavirus bringing the number up to a total of 107 individuals.

Commissioner Pauline Miceli appealed to those trusted with the upbringing of children to protect and promote the wellbeing of children by following the instructions given by the health authorities.

“We should all practise social distancing in order to protect those who are vulnerable and to reduce the spread of the virus,” the Commissioner said in a statement.

The Commissioner said that children should not be isolated from their friends and relatives, urging the use of technology to make up for the physical isolation brought about by social distancing.

“This may be particularly challenging for those who have young children, care for the elderly or share parental custody. However, it is extremely important that we do not expose children to unnecessary risk by keeping children at home as much as possible,” the Commissioner acknowledged.

The Office of the Commissioner for Children encouraged parents and guardians to support children in this stressful time. The public has been encouraged to reduce children’s anxiety by listening to them and providing them with facts about what is happening.

The Office reminded the public of the 179 helpline while young individuals can contact kellimni.com.

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