Don’t abandon self-employed, PN urges government

Miguela Xuereb

Partit Nazzjonalista has urged the government to assist self-employed who have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic.

In a statement signed by Edwin Vassallo, Opposition spokesperson for self-employed and cooperatives, Partit Nazzjonalista maintained that a long term plan was needed to assist the large amount of self-employed individuals owning their own business and sometimes employing others.

The appeal comes after new restrictive measures were announced. The measures which will come into force on Wednesday morning at 8am, will see the closure of bars, nightclubs and discos.

Referring to the surge in coronavirus cases, the Opposition said that self-employed individuals have seen their revenue shrink. While some have made some money as people made use of their government vouchers, many are seeing that people are restricting their spending to essential needs and services, the PN pointed out.

The PN maintained that the government should step in and assist the self-employed who have been impacted, adding that the government has a duty to ensure that these individuals continue to operate and generate work after the pandemic is over.

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