Donation with a difference from agribusiness students

Minister for Education Owen Bonnici has presented agricultural produce deriving from agribusiness students as a donation to the Community Chest Fund. The produce is a result of the work done by students who are studying this subject at the St Ignatius College Ħandaq Secondary School.

Bonnici said , “In 2014, we introduced agricommerce as a subject in three secondary state schools and one church school, thus providing facilities for students to study agriculture, aquaculture and animal health. From that year onwards, several new teachers started teaching those subjects and, in all, 130 students chose to study them. 80% of those students have been able to successfully sit for their SEC exam in these fields of study.”

This subject entails the practical study of the sciences; physics, chemistry and biology, information and technology, as well as business principles. Part of the evaluation of the learning outcome is the quality and variety of their produce, and the fish and animals that they raise.

The chairperson of the Administrative Board of the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation (MCCFF) Marlene Mizzi thanked the students for their donation of fruit and vegetables, and also praised them for their work. She said that the MCCFF helps vulnerable people all year round, and added that the fruit and vegetables offered will be given to Dar Merħba Bik as a sign of solidarity to the women who are victims of domestic violence.

The products donated constitute a sample of the agribusiness students’ studies and practical work at the Ħandaq Secondary School.