“Donate your cheque as an act of protest” – Civil Society Network

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Civil Society Network (CSN) strongly encouraged donating the Government cheque to a favourite charity as an act of protest.

In a statement, it explained that one shouldn’t be bought off by a “measly, one-off government cheque”. This is because according to them, it will have no meaningful impact on the standard of living of Maltese families in the long run.

The cheque in reference is the one of €35 sent to all families and the one of €15 sent to those living alone, including pensioners.

The CSN said that it would have been more fruitful had the Government invested the sum of the cheques to “eradicate the prevalent inequalities that plague our societies and improve the standard of living generally”.

It insisted that there were more prudent actions available to the Government than issuing one-off cheques in a “populistic fashion”.