Domestic violence is worse because it occurs in a ‘safe’ space – Delia


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Domestic violence is worse form of violence because it occurs within a setting which should be considered as a ‘safe’ space, Partit Nazzjonalista leader Adrian Delia said on Sunday during a party activity held at its headquarters in Pietà.

A special activity was organised by Partit Nazzjonalista to commemorate International Women’s Day celebrated worldwide on 8 March. The day is considered to be a focal point for women’s rights.

The activity which started with a minute of silence in memory of Miriam Pace who was killed in the latest building collapse incident, was addressed by the Nationalist leader as well as various women representing different sectors in society.

Addressing those present, Delia jokingly said that the format adopted for Sunday’s activity maybe should be adopted instead of the usual speeches at the party clubs. He explained that it was important to listen to others especially when drafting laws.

The society in which those laws are enacted, their upholding and enforcement remain the more relevant than just having laws on paper, he explained.

‘We haven’t understood the value of housewives in our society’

Speaking about housewives, Delia said housewives were successful women in their own right, despite the common perception that they are not. “I feel that there is a problem with recognising the value and the work of housewives,” the Nationalist leader said, adding that a housewife is “simply” seen as one. He pointed out that some people choose to be a housewife and are not coerced in staying at home.

He referred to an accident which happened some years ago that involved a housewife. Quoting the law, he explained that it provides for compensation by using a formula; disability percentage multiplied by the number of years left for that person to reach pensionable age and the person’s earnings. He pointed out that in this particular case it was multiplied by zero since the woman did not have an income. Delia was legal representative for the woman in this case. He explained that at the time he had argued that the value should be included when working out how much money should be awarded in compensation.

“The housewife is the manager, the auditor of the household finances, the teacher, the cook and the soul of the house, and therefore she certainly has a value,” Delia said, recalling the arguments made in court.

“When we speak about successful women, it is also important to include housewives. I think we haven’t understood their value as a society,” he maintained.

A more proportional representation benefits us all

Speaking about more female politicians in parliament, Delia said that it was not only important for women to have more female representation in parliament but that it was important to have more representatives of the under-represented gender in parliament in the drafting of laws.

‘Our society needs more female representation in parliament, since they bring a different perspective on various issues to the table,’ Delia said.

The PN leader said that it would be useless to increase female participation without having a holistic framework such as giving the option to become a full-time politician, adequate salaries, among others.

“The law is the platform, but radical changes are needed,” Delia said, “to enable those women already in parliament and those who are yet to be elected”.

PL is objectifying women through its proposals on prostitution

During the activity, Delia said that he was angered by the discussion on the prospective laws to regulate prostitution. He lambasted the government saying that Partit Laburista showed that it centered and build its policies around money rather than placing the well-being of people at its centre.

He explained that through this law the woman was rendered into an object and no amount of excuses cited will change that “fact”.

“This government has the worst record in gender pay gap,” he said.

Delia said that while the government had every opportunity to place women in positions of trust, it chose not to. This, according to the Nationalist leader showed that it was not true that the government cherished women’s rights.

Those who do not want you to improve will label you ‘negative’ – Debono editor-in-chief Sylvana Debono who addressed the activity said that inequality was on the increase.

She said that while female participation in politics on a national level was rather low she did not champion the introduction of quota in order to increase female participation.

During her speech Debono said that women should continue to protect the rights of the unborn. She also insisted that one should not focus on gossip and read material which is challenging.

Futher, Debono said that when one labels another negative, they would do so because they do not want the person to improve.

The activity was also addressed by MP Claudette Buttigieg.

In 2019 Adrian Delia had faced domestic violence allegations. He had claimed that the videos which ended up circulating over social media were edited, he said that a politican’s position would no longer be tenable if found guilty of domestic violence.

Opposition Leader is not credible – Partit Laburista

Reacting to Delia’s address, Partit Laburista said that the Nationalist leader was neither credible nor coherent. The PL said that in 2018, the PN leader had voted against amendments made in the Gender-based violence and domestic violence law.