DOI contradicts Parliamentary Secretary

The Department of Information (DOI) and the Parliamentary Secretary Anthony Agius Decelis are contradicting each other about the direct order linked to the project involving an increase of 500 beds at St. Vincent De Paul Residence.

While the Parliamentary Secretary for Persons with Disability and Active Ageing yesterday insisted that the order was a departmental mistake, the DOI insisted that it published what the Secretary requested. During the past weeks, the Secretary denied that a direct order of €274 million was given to JCL and MHC Consortium.

On Thursday, the DOI spoke with Times of Malta, saying that the Parliamentary Secretary was lying about the direct order being a mistake by the management behind the Government’s newspapers. A spokesperson for the Department insisted that there was no mistake and they published official notifications and adverts sent by the Ministries, the secretaries and departments of the Government. The DOI claimed that they publish what they receive and that mistakes are always corrected and that the Secretary never spoke to the DOI about the so-called mistake until now.

In an article published yesterday by Times of Malta, the Parliamentary Secretary Agius Decelis said that the notice was a mistake. He remarked that the notice of the 20th of July involving the contract of the building extension amounting to €274 million was not meant to be published as a direct order. He remarked that he was informed that the notice was published wrong in the newspaper and that the writer of the post is to blame.

The issue is explained here.