Dog sniffs out over €23,000 in undeclared cash

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Peter, the sniffer dog, has sniffed out approximately €23,650 in undeclared cash, Customs announced on Monday.

The anti-money laundering section and the Customs canine team at the Malta International Airport stopped two passengers for a routine check. Peter indicated that a considerable amount of cash was present in both instances.

Two passengers who were on their way to Istanbul were stopped by Customs, told the authorities that they were both carrying €10,000. They were escorted to the Customs Office at the Malta International Airport where it was found that they were carrying €11,480 and €12,150 respectively.

The passengers agreed to sign an out of court settlement agreement and were fined accordingly.

Any cash or signed cheques valued €10,000 or more, are to be declared to Customs when travelling to, through and from Malta, as well as other EU countries.