Watch: COVID-19 cases will today increase again – Martin Balzan

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Coronavirus cases will today increase again, stated Martin Balzan, President of the Medical Association of Malta during a discussion on Newsbook Hour on 103 Malta’s Heart. Abigail Mamo, Chief Executive Officer of the Malta Chamber for SMEs was also part of the discussion led by Fr Joe Borg on Saturday morning.

In general, the medical professions are backing the pro-health argument while the business community backs the pro-economy argument.

Martin Balzan said that no one was expecting the numbers to increase again but it is a reality which we have to address immediately. The MAM president also stated that it is irresponsible for anyone to say or give the impression that the coronavirus pandemic is over in Malta. The situation is far from this and whoever gave the impression that the public can now celebrate, is wrong because the virus is still present within the community.

Balzan stated that authorities need to emphasize more the importance to be disciplined when we make contact with people, especially in supermarkets and shops. He also said that the relaxation of measure where groups of 6 people will be allowed is dangerous and that authorities should again revise this decision.

During Newsbook Hour, Martin Balzan also mentioned how the Malta Medical Association has always appealed to the government to safeguard the health of the public because if the virus spreads uncontrollably then it would be an economic disaster for Malta.

We will have to fave more economic difficulties – Abigail Mamo

The CEO of the Malta Chamber for SMEs, Abigail Mamo said that the economy is complex and due to the pandemic we will face further economic difficulties. Mamo explained that we have to consider that even though certain businesses can re-open the people need to feel comfortable to spend money as many have faced a decrease in their income.

“The fact that we are an island gives us a delayed economic effect” – said Abigail Mamo.

The Malta Chamber for SMEs CEO also said that the economic impact is not only felt by restaurants and hotels within the tourism sector. She also stated that Malta might have become too independent of this sector.

Mamo emphasized that they are in no way trying to put the economy of the country before health. She said that their knowledge is related only to the economy and therefore they leave health-related issues in the experts’ hands.

She concluded by saying that the decisions taken by the government show that we have authorities which are carefully following the developments related to the pandemic, assessing the situation and implementing the measures as needed.