Doctors in primary healthcare voice concern over lack of planning

Kirkop Health Centre Picture
Kirkop Health Centre Picture

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Doctors within the Malta Health Centres have voiced their concern about the lack of planning and precautions being taken to safeguard those working on the frontline. In an email sent to the authorities, doctors noted that they received no feedback on the plan they had submitted themselves to the authorities and which was prepared by medics working on the frontline.

The plan was submitted on 18 March.

The doctors underlined that the situation was in constant flux and that they were being left in the dark which is fueling anxiety and fear.

Doctors working at Paola, Kirkop and Cospicua health centres noted that the lack of a comprehensive plan like the one they put forward will inevitably result in the “decimation of the frontline workforce an outcome that all stakeholders wish to avoid.”

“This could make the Department and its management medicolegally vulnerable to claims from its own employees. If no guidance is received from management’s end by the said deadline, confusion will continue to reign, and we will have to resort to ad hoc decisions on the ground.” has sent in questions to the Health Ministry inquiring about the government’s plan for primary health care workers.

The email was published on Facebook by Partit Nazzjonalista Councillor Mark Anthony Sammut who said that doctors working in health centres and their patients should be protected – both by have a clear updated protocol in place as well as by having the correct gear.

Sammut said that while he was sure that Health Minister Chris Fearne was handling the situation well, he urged him not to forget those working in health centres in the south of the country.

It-tobba fil-Kura Primarja u l-pazjenti tagħhom jeħtieġ li jkunu protetti, kemm bl-ilbies protettiv u kemm bi protokoll…

Posted by Mark Anthony Sammut on Saturday, March 21, 2020

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